Getting Started Quick Guide

Welcome to theLoop! 

1. Log in at You can log in using your login and password. Having problems signing in? Email the Community Manager for help!

2. Fill out your profile. We want to get to know you! Get out from behind the camera and upload a profile picture. Share your story, your passions, and your accolades in your profile.

    • Once you’ve logged in, select the My Profile tab in the blue navigation bar. 
    • Upload a profile photo.
    • Edit/update your contact information if needed.
    • Complete additional fields such as your bio, education, birthday, and social networks.

3. Build your contact list.  First, select Directory from the top navigation bar. Then, use the member search to find friends and colleagues belonging to PPA. Creating a contact list helps the theLoop identify relationships and build searchable networks. PRO TIP: Find at least 20 colleagues and request to add them to your contact list to complete your Profile Completeness bar.

4. Browse the Communities and join the ones that interest you. We have plenty of Communities that you'll find relevant, useful, and engaging. PRO TIP: Everyone at theLoop belongs to the PPA Members Community, making it a great place to start exploring theLoop.

5. Set your subscriptions to your Communities. Start by finding My Subscriptions under the My Profile tab. Then, you through the list of your Communities and decide how you would like to keep in touch. We recommend subscribing to the Daily Digest for each Community you belong to--that will send you a single email each day summarizing the hottest topics in your favorite sections of theLoop. You can also get emails in real time--perfect for theLoop power users.

6. Join the conversation!
Use Discussions to chat with other members, ask questions, and share ideas and experiences. Use the Libraries or Shared Files to show off your photography or distribute helpful documents.

7. What now? Not sure where to start? Click here to learn how to post. Then, see below for ideas:

    • Let us know you’re here. Say hello and share what you are hoping to gain by participating. You can do this in a Discussion or in My World, your personal blog found under the Blogs tab.
    • Ask questions. What do you want to know more about? Have a problem with anything from copyright to lighting? There's a Community for that!
    • Share ideas. Is there a hot topic you want to discuss? How about a lesson you've learned that might help your fellow members?
    • Give feedback. Use your knowledge and experience to answer other members' questions. Click here to learn how to reply to a post.
    • Share your work. Upload the photos you're most proud of to the Image Sharing Community for other members to see. Click here to learn how to upload images.
We're so glad to have you in theLoop. Have fun!