• Marketing is the Name of the Game- Watch these October FB Live Speakers to Improve Your Marketing Sk

    Alright, everyone-- marketing is the name of the game this month. Honestly, every month in the photography business should be dedicated to marketing, but this October it is in full swing.

    Check out this preview of your upcoming marketing FB Live sessions led by the industry's trailblazers:

    List Building for Photographers

    Think of your marketing list as your secret weapon for optimizing your business. If you build the marketing list effectively, you can increase your rates, secure the jobs that you want, and make more of a profit. Without the right clients,you’re wasting your time and energy by reaching out to the wrong people over and over again. No one wants to feel overworked and undervalued. It’s time to work smarter not harder by targeting the clients who will be the most beneficial for you. Stop limiting your business potential and tune in to Nicole Holland on October 2nd at 2 PM EST, so you can get the results that you deserve.

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