Code of Conduct

Welcome to theLoop & Community Rules

You are now officially in the loop (or “in theLoop,” as we say)! But before we can grant you access, you need to give us the secret handshake and the magic password...just kidding!

All jokes aside, please take a moment to read over theLoop’s Official Etiquette Guide, and you’ll be free to go explore!

That’s right, we’re asking for people to abide by our Code of Conduct and… simply be nice: theLoop is open to all. We are all professionals, so don't challenge or attack others. The platform is meant for discussions and comments to stimulate conversation, not to create contention. Let others have their say, just as you may, and remember that it’s always perfectly fine to agree to disagree.

Don't post commercial messages on any discussion list, resource library entry, or other area where others might see it. This space is to nurture, foster and develop professional networking, exchange ideas, bridge gaps and foster the community of professional photographers. No need to advertise or sell in here. If your post comes across as spamming in nature, it will be taken down.

Use caution when discussing products and services. Information posted on the lists and in the libraries is available for all members of theLoop to see, and comments are subject to libel, slander and antitrust laws. Contact people directly if you have product or service information you believe would help them.

In other words, all defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials or language are strictly prohibited. A good rule of thumb? Don’t post anything that you would not want the world to see or that you would not want attributed to you. PPA won’t censor comments, ideas, or opinions, but unsavory posts that abuse good etiquette...that’s another matter, my friend.

Ever get caught in the loop (no pun intended) of "thanks for the information" or "me, too" replies to group emails? Ever think it was kind of annoying? That’s why we suggest sending those kinds of comments directly to individuals, not the entire discussion group. All you need to do is use the "Reply to Sender" link to the left of every message. It’s a tiny step, but (1) it’s a way to nurture one-on-one relationships and (2) it will make the discussion feeds more useful to the rest of the group.

In theLoop, YOU have the power. Just don’t forget it. Why? Because if you use discussion threads to send administrative messages, such as “remove me from the list,” you may be waiting longer than you wish! (Seriously, theLoop wizard is not hiding behind the curtains.) Instead, go to your profile in theLoop to change your settings, your email address, or remove yourself from a discussion or community. theLoop is a crowd-sourced platform, meaning it runs thanks to all of you. It’s a self-administrated community, so embrace your power!

Set expectations honestly. If you need to vent or had a great experience you want to describe in detail, warn other members that your post is going to be a tad lengthy. A simple “Long Message” indicator in the subject line or at the beginning of your message can do worlds of good.


PPA Online Community Etiquette/Terms of Use

PPA online communities, including theLoop, ourPPA LinkedIn group, any PPA managed social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest and ourPPA Forums, are here for PPA members and others in our photography group to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences pertaining to professional photography. As the host of these communities, PPA is committed to creating a fun and beneficial experience for all. These communities do not exist to foster attacks against others or PPA. Any attacks, personal criticisms, or threats are outside of the defined purpose for PPA’s online community and will not be tolerated.

Stay on topic. Good contributions help the entire community by providing relevant, insightful information or asking important questions. If your post contains anything unrelated to the topic of the forum or article, it may be removed, especially if it’s spamming in nature.

Make your subject line concise, accurate and specific. This makes it easier for people to respond appropriately and to search the archives by subject. Remember your readers and try to follow standard email etiquette.

Be honest, be yourself. The community is intended to be used for the helpful exchange of information between members. False, inaccurate, or otherwise misleading information is not helpful. Please be sincere in your community participation by only contributing content you know is accurate. Be mindful to respect the "closed" environment of PPA’s online communities and do not forward messages to non-members.

Keep it clean, keep it friendly. Every post should make a positive contribution. The community is open to all points of view on the intended topics; mature, polite debate is encouraged. Attacks or cyber-bullying will not be tolerated. The communities are meant to stimulate conversation and trigger the exchange of best practices not to create contention. Contradictory opinions are of course welcomed, but should always be thoughtful and respectful, rather than emotional, impulsive or anger-driven (you’d be surprised, it happens).

Keep marketing efforts separate; minimize clutter. Respect the community's purpose by not using it as a marketing channel or submitting any content you've been paid or otherwise rewarded by a third party to write. Any marketing or sales related content will be removed immediately. Refrain from posting any sales or promotional offers, messaging, or materials for your business will be tolerated other than on (other than on the Vendor Forum on ourPPA Forums).

Use the right channels for complaints. PPA online communities are not the appropriate platforms to resolve personal issues or start disputes against any member or organization. Posts of this nature will be removed. 

Submit only your own, original content. Help us maintain the community's integrity and observe the intellectual property rights of others by only submitting content you have personally written or else used with permission and properly attributed. The community should not be used to distribute unauthorized copies of any copyrighted material.

Help look after your community. There is a permanent record of your posts across all online community platforms. PPA’s online platforms are here for the benefit and enjoyment of members like you. If you notice content within the community that does not abide by these guidelines or the Terms and Conditions, please report it to our Community Coordinator.


Antitrust Compliance Policy and Guidelines

To ensure compliance with federal and state antitrust laws, PPA members are responsible for understanding those laws. PPA Guidelines for Antitrust Compliance are adopted as part of the Association's Antitrust Compliance Policy. Members of PPA are urged to become familiar with this Policy and these Guidelines. By reading this document you agree to adhere to PPA's Antitrust compliance policy and guidelines. 


Violations of PPA Online Community’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Use

PPA reserves the right to take immediate action on any post that we feel violates the rules of conduct outlined above. That action includes, but is not limited to, issuing warnings, removing content and terminating accounts and/or subscriptions.

PPA reserves the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate for use in the community, and/or to revoke any member's access to the community at any time and for any reason. However, because situations and interpretations vary, we also reserve the right to take no action.

We may modify these guidelines or our Terms and Conditions at any time, and your continued use of the community signifies your assent to such modified terms.

If you are victim of, or witness to inappropriate content in any of the PPA online communities’ discussion threads, resource libraries, or member profiles, please notify PPA immediately by emailing our Community Coordinator at

In March 2013, PPA’s Board of Directors approved a one-strike-out policy, outlining consequences for participants who violate the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use as follows:

The first violation will result in immediate and permanent suspension of all online community participation privileges, along with revoked access to any and all platforms facilitated by PPA. These platforms include theLoop, OurPPA Forums, any PPA managed social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest and ourPPA LinkedIn groups. You may petition the Community Coordinator to regain access at



Legal Mumbo-Jumbo (a.k.a. The Fine Print)
This site is provided as a service for the members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA). PPA is not responsible for the opinions and information posted on this site by others. PPA disclaims all warranties with regards to information posted on this platform, whether posted by PPA or any third party; this disclaimer includes all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. In no event shall PPA be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data, or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any information posted on this site.

Members of this site may not post any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or illegal materials. Members of this site may not post any information or other materials protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner. By posting material, the posting party warrants and represents that he or she owns the copyright with respect to such material or has received permission from the copyright owner. In addition, the posting party grants PPA and users of this site the nonexclusive right and license to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit, print, and use such information or other materials.

Messages should not be posted if they encourage or facilitate members to arrive at any agreement that either expressly or impliedly leads to price fixing, a boycott of another's business, or other conduct intended to illegally restrict free trade. Messages that encourage or facilitate an agreement about the following subjects are inappropriate: prices, discounts, or terms or conditions of sale; salaries; profits, profit margins or cost data; market shares, sales territories or markets; allocation of customers or territories; or selection, rejection or termination of customers or suppliers.

PPA does not actively monitor the site for inappropriate postings and does not on its own undertake editorial control of postings. However, in the event that any inappropriate posting is brought to the attention of PPA, we will take all appropriate actions.

PPA reserves the right to terminate access to any user who does not abide by the above guidelines.