John David Pittman

John David Pittman - Photographer, LLC

Little Rock, AR
United States


Hello. My name is John David. I'm from the south so yes, I have a double name.

I am an editorial and commercial portrait photographer based in Little Rock, AR.

Above anything else I am a true fan of the art of photography and being a photographer. I actively seek inspiration from the world around me. I believe in the power of a still image. I believe that the human soul is time's greatest and most unique creation. I believe in Santa Claus.

My photographic style has been described as soulful and bold. My greatest strengths are my ability to find a connection with my subjects, be it deep or razor thin, and to use that connection to expose real human emotion in my images. I love creating on my own, but I love the opportunity to work with and be inspired by a talented creative team even more.

I am married to a beautiful woman who is responsible for the majority of the joy in my life and the proud father of a little girl who I am certain will impact this world on a level that I cannot comprehend at this point in my life.

I am an avid sports fan.

I love music.

I enjoy cooking but enjoy eating more.

I am an alumnus of the University of Central Arkansas and a member of the UCA Alumni Association Board of Directors. I'm proud to be a mentor photographer for my friend Peter Hurley's photography coaching website and an instructor for PPA's EDU platform.

Hope to see ya soon.

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