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Bio® is an innovative culinary media production company that produces videos that capture your imagination and delight your senses, filling you up and bringing the most delicious dishes to your fingertips. We are passionate about film-making and our desire to communicate images and ideas to entice customers to your site. We explore engaging ways of connecting audiences and businesses. We weave fact and fiction into an engaging, immersive experience that focuses on the audience.

From concept, branding, and product development to still photography and video production, our broad range of services leaves little to your audience’s imagination and your diners yearning for a taste of that mouthwatering recipe.
Our service is prompt and precise. We offer the most innovative and diverse talent available today to help guarantee success and drive a solid return on investment.® specializes in culinary & lifestyle video production, food styling, recipe development for television, web and print.

What We Offer You

Business Documentaries: A quality business video can create a connection with people from across the world. Through video, a business can create new and useful connections, engage diverse audiences and foster trust with its customers, clients and/or fans. It's the next best thing to being in front of your audience. When done well, the addition of videos to your business’ repertoire gives it an edge, humanizes it, inspires customers and leaves a lasting memory. No other medium can deliver these results.
Make your business come to life by making a documentary film about how it began, grew and expanded, and how it continues making an impact on society. Share your passion with the world.
The quality of video production can make or break an infomercial or video marketing project. Professional video production not only makes your product look great; it makes your business look credible.

Go With What Works

There's a saying that “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” We believe this concept applies to the world of online marketing. Video marketing alongside with social media, e-mail campaigns, PR, digital platform design and data insight will quadruple your company sales. The Internet is the biggest, most accessible platform for driving production. We have the skills and experience to make it work for you.

We help you plan what video content, audience channels and digital platforms will help you achieve the objectives of your project or campaign.

On-site props®’s Media’s prop styling team is experienced with an exceptional record of national food brand campaigns and editorial shoots that span three continents.
Comprehensive on-site prop collection
Wide variety of color and style options
Menu and Recipe Development
Creating, writing, and testing recipes for multimedia content, cookbooks, food service menus, product collateral, and food products.

Planning and Design
A hands-on approach to facilitate development that includes commercial and home kitchens, food service systems, kitchen equipment, food products, and packaging.

Our team possesses a unique blend of mechanics, photographic techniques and style. Whatever style or type of photography meets your business needs—photo-journalistic, traditional, contemporary, artistic, time-lapse, candid, portraiture, action, black and white or color —we have both the “eye” and the experience to produce an exceptional set of images for you.

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  • Studied Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design