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Jan 2019 Blood Moon Eclipse during Imaging USA PHOTO OPP

By Richard Bryant posted December 31,2018 08:54 AM

Fellow PPA Members,
As you may know - we have a unique opp to photo the Blood Moon Eclipse in Ga on the eve of Jan 20/21 in the night early morning hours and not miss out on Imaging classes/workshops.
The Stephen Foster State Park in S.E. Georgia (Okefenokee Swamp area) is a 'Gold-Rated' dark sky spot - one of the few in the world, and presents us a perfect opp for night sky photography and this rare celestial event.
I am certain we have many pro Astro-photographers with PPA with various equipment and sky trackers such as myself.  So this is a great opp to learn more about and gain experience using such to capture this moment in images and time lapse.
Is my hope we can meet as a group and thereby enhance the experience, ride share, etc, as may be needed.

Feel free to respond/post  with your info if interested. For now, we just need expression of interest

Richard Bryant
Carmel, In.



January 12,2019 08:39 PM

I haven't had anyone talk about going. It's a 4.5-hour one-way trip. The total eclipse happens at 11:41 p.m. and starts at 9:36 p.m. and finishes around 2:48 a.m. I will have my truck with me and don't mind driving to the event. 

The events that are happening at Imaging that we'd miss is "Light it Up" and the Welcome Party. I was planning to go to the Light it Up" lecture but could miss; I wasn't going to attend the party. We could leave around 6:30 p.m. and then plan to return just after midnight. 

Let me know if this is something you want to participate in and I will make it happen. I have never purposefully taken pictures of stars or tried to photograph a blood moon. I do have a sturdy tripod and 400 mm Nikon that would capture this event pretty decently. 

January 12,2019 03:56 PM

I am interested, but won't have a vehicle.


January 04,2019 01:36 PM

This sounds like a great opportunity. I am going to be at Imaging and I would love to learn how to better take these types of photographs. I am driving so I will have a Yukon XL that will hold 7 people plus equipment if people need a ride. I am more than happy to support and learn!  You can email me at